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Be Someone's Hero / Anti-Bullying » Overview


The Become Someone’s Hero Program is designed to create anti-bully awareness, and build character and leadership qualities in our students. This program will empower our students to take a more proactive role in expressing their concerns regarding negative behaviors and how to combat it with positivity. Through this initiative, our students will be delivering messages of their own personal experiences, of battling through hard times and having positive people in their lives to support them. The program will focus on providing students with resources on how to report negative behaviors to teachers, administration, and even how to discuss it with their peers.This program will promote a culture of caring, support, and teamwork within our school district.

We will be holding “Become Someone’s Hero” day, every 3rd Friday of the month throughout the school year. On these Fridays, the district will work as a family to promote this positive behavior program to ensure that our students are constantly putting others before themselves and promoting the TROJAN WAY. We will be reaching out to Trojan Alumni to be guest speakers at assemblies to serve as a source of positivity for BECOMING A HERO. We will also be implementing a variety of activities, events and resources to promote family, teamwork and doing the right thing, which include:

  • Creating a student council to guide our district’s actions, focusing on promoting positivity, supporting students in need, and organizing anti-bullying activities and resources.

  • Wearing the Become Someone’s Hero t-shirt on these Fridays to show that we are all a part of the biggest most important team in the district the Become Someone’s Hero Team.

  • Delivering positive behavior lessons in the classroom centered on








  • Students at the secondary level will deliver character lessons in the lower grade levels to build leadership skills and stress the importance of example setting.

We are asking the entire community to please support this program and join us in BECOMING SOMEONE’S HERO TODAY AND EVERYDAY!