May 2012 News

May – National Youth Traffic Safety Month


You make choices every day – what to wear, what to eat, what TV show to watch. So, why not make the choice every day to be safe behind the wheel, to protect your safety and the safety of others?  May is National Youth Traffic Safety Month.  So remember that buckling your seat belt only takes a couple of seconds and that text (LOL) message can totally wait. Choose to be a “good” statistic, choose to wear your seat belt, choose not to drive impaired and choose to always keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road.

To help you make wise choices behind the wheel you can visit the Just Drive PA website.  It features a “Distracted Driving” page highlighting Pennsylvania’s new anti-texting law and the dangers of distracted driving. Also included is information on various highway safety topics including impaired driving, motorcycles, young drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians, child-passenger safety, and much, much, more.


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