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Kindergarten Entry Inventory (K.E.I.) Tool


According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Pennsylvania's Kindergarten Entry Inventory (KEI) is a reliable reporting tool available at no cost to schools. The Kindergarten Entry Inventory offers teachers an instructional strategy for understanding and tracking students' proficiency across both cognitive and non-cognitive domains at kindergarten entry. The Kindergarten Entry Inventory is aligned to the Pennsylvania Early Learning Standards and Pennsylvania Core, and therefore it complements and can help improve existing assessments and teaching practices.

The Kindergarten Entry Inventory is not intended as a high stakes assessment for comparison among early childhood programs, of teacher effectiveness, or as a high stakes assessment of children.  

The Greater Johnstown School District will implement this tool starting in the 2016-17 school year.  

GJSD KEI Timeline


Kindergarten teachers will be asked to collect data starting the first week of school.   

Five Indicators will need to be completed weekly.  Teachers will use their own discretion based on their planning, curricula, and organization as to what indicators are collected each week.  Regardless of the indicator, data must be collected on five of them per week.  See the schedule below for the specific time frame being implemented by the district. 


Week 1:  August 29th - Sept 1st  (5 Indicators collected)

Week 2:  September 6th – 9th   (5 Indicators collected)

Week 3:  September 12th -16th  (5 Indicators collected)

Week 4:  September 19th -23rd  (5 Indicators collected)

Week 5:  September 26th -29th  (5 Indicators collected)

Week 6:  October 3rd -7th (5 Indicators collected)


  •      Day 45 to collect data is October 12, 2016
  •      Day 60 for data to be recorded no later than October 27, 2016.
  •      September 30th Kindergarten will have 3 Hours to input KEI Data
  •      October 14th Kindergarten will have 3 Hours to input KEI Data


  • Teachers have a comprehensive understanding of children's skills as they enter their classroom. They can use this information to refine teaching practices and curriculum to meet the individual needs of their students so that students have the greatest opportunity for success.
  • Families can become more engaged in their children's kindergarten experience when they know more about their children's skills early in the year and can reinforce skills building at home. Children whose parents are involved in their child's education are more likely to succeed.
  • Teachers, principals and school administrators can focus training, professional development and resources in areas that will support student achievement.
  • Schools and early childhood programs can evaluate aggregate data to align expectations, curriculum, professional development and family involvement to best prepare students for kindergarten.
  • State policymakers can use aggregate longitudinal child outcome information to ensure that the state's educational system supports teachers, families and communities to maximize student achievement.

Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit in partnership with the Office of Child Development and Early Learning provides a Kindergarten Entry Inventory landing page that can be accessed at All materials including the Inventory, asynchronous professional development, proficient user assignment (log in required) , resources, KEI data entry system (log in required) , and data system training snippets are housed on the landing page.

K.E.I. Required Professional Development


Required Professional Development Steps 

    1. Review the KEI Manual.  This document is available in the supporting documents section below. 
    2. View the KEI Promotional Video 
    3. View the Introduction of the KEI (44 minutes) 
    4. View the Skills and Scoring Module
    5. Complete the Proficiency User Agreement: 

      Instructions: 2015 Proficiency Guide – pdf document – updated 8-11-2015

      Print 2 copies of ONE of the pdf files below to record answers on paper before you begin
      2015 KEI Inventory Tool
      Indicators – Skill Level Descriptors

      Log In to Assignment: 2015 Proficiency Assignment

      If you do not have an account name and password, or have not received portfolios of student information, please contact tech support:

      Linda, ext 2293
      Jeff, ext. 2137

    6. Save and Print a copy of your certificate of completion.  A copy of your certificate should be provided your building administration as well as a copy to Ms. Jess Vance at Central Administration.  Please keep the original for your records.