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Parents should be partners in helping our students achieve their educational goals.  Parents in the Summit Learning Program at GJHS have unparalleled access to their child's educational experience and have a direct window into what their students are working on a daily basis with the Summit Learning Platform at GJHS.

With Summit Learning, parents also have access to a dedicated mentor (a district teacher) who works with their student every week. Because each mentor stays with a student for all four years, parents have a single point of contact to help advocate for their child and provide guidance to help their student reach their personal goals.

A key part of supporting a student’s academic progress is understanding his/her academic performance and pacing. All of this information can be found in the Summit Learning Platform. One of the great features of the Summit Learning Platform is that it provides parents, their student, and their student’s mentor and teachers instant access to a student’s current grades and performance all the time. So, instead of waiting for a report card every quarter or semester, parents can now view their student's grades at any time to make sure he/she is on pace with his/her goals.  

Summit recognizes that personalized learning will only succeed if students, teachers, and parents trust the technology that makes it possible. That's why Summit is committed to protecting student data.