Covid 19 Funding » ESSER Funding Targets - including CARES, CRSSA, and ARP

ESSER Funding Targets - including CARES, CRSSA, and ARP

Four targets of ESSER Funding - including CARES, CRSSA, and ARP:

  1. Supporting Accelerated Learning and Education Recovery
    1. Investing in a realigned curriculum with resources to support all levels of learners
    2. Implementing additional reading programs 
    3. Using data systems to drive instructional decisions
    4. Expanding after school and summer opportunities 

  1.  Assisting With the Significant Mental Health Needs of our Students
    1. Partnering with local agencies to provide personnel for all tiers of the MTSS program
    2. Strengthening current partnerships to expand into all district buildings
    3. Employing reengagement specialists to connect with families in response to pandemic issues

  1. Investing in the Latest Technology to Support Students and Teachers
    1. Attaining a 1:1 device ratio for students
    2. Increasing classroom resources for teachers
    3. Providing professional development for teachers to include more technology in instruction

  1. Expanding Facility Improvements to Provide Safe and Healthy Schools
    1. Updating HVAC systems to deter the spread of airborne viruses
    2. Replacing school roofs to support new systems
    3. Installing filters to improve indoor air quality
    4. Utilizing modern, energy-efficient solutions


  1. After school set-aside
    1. After school tutoring and credit recovery for grades 8-12
  2. Summer school set-aside
    1. Trojan Summer Academy
  3. Learning loss set-aside
    1. Reading curriculum implementation
    2. Math curriculum implementation


  1. aTSI set-aside
    1. JMS specific reading, math, and intervention curriculum pieces