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PA-ETEP & Educator Effectiveness

The Greater Johnstown School District has moved from Teachscape to PA-ETEP platform for the completion of professional employee evaluations based on the PDE Teacher Effectiveness model.  
This site will provide you with the log-in screen, support documents and video tutorials on the basic functions and use of PA-ETEP.  Please contact your building administrator if further support is needed.  

Educator Effectiveness

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) has been working since 2010 to develop an educator effectiveness model that will incorporate those attributes that are most critical to the way teachers, principals, and non-teaching professionals are evaluated as well a providing training tools for professional growth that provide support as part of a fair effective evaluation process.
The goal of the Educator Effectiveness System is to ensure that students have an effective teacher in their classrooms and effective leadership in every building.  
Information and resources regarding the Educator Effectiveness System. 
 PDE Updated Rating Tools
PDE Rating Tool 82-1 (Classroom Teachers) - updated March 2015
PDE Rating Tool 82-2  (Principals)
PDE Rating Tool 82-3   (Non-Teaching Professionals)
On PDE SAS, there are examples and guiding questions for teaching professionals with unique roles and functions.Some of these roles are school librarians,  early childhood teachers, ESL teachers, emotional support, instructional coaches and reading specialists.
Please visit PDE SAS for the full list of examples and guiding questions: 


Differentiated Supervision & PA-ETEP

Teacher Registration for PA-ETEP

Principals - How to Complete 82-1 forms