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Health Services

Student Health services focus on the health and well-being of the students and staff members. The health office supports the process of education and the districts' goal of maximum student success, achievement, and well being through the promotion and maintenance of optimal student health. This is accomplished through direct care, education, referrals, health counseling, and medical case management as needed to support the students in the Greater Johnstown School District.

School health services include procedures established to assess the health status of students; to counsel students, parents and others concerning the findings; to encourage and plan for the correction of identified problems; to assist in the identification and education of special needs students; to prevent and control disease; and to provide emergency care following injury or illness which occur in school.

School health services supplement the health care parents/guardians provide for their children. These services are not a substitute for family responsibilities but rather are designed to assist parents/guardians in devoting attention to child health, to call attention to health problems which are identified, and to encourage them to access community health agencies and health providers.

The school nurse is responsible for the implementation of the programs and procedures required by state and local laws, and for educational efforts that support the Greater Johnstown School District’s goals related to a safe and healthy school environment.

Services are provided to district employees for health counseling, emergency care and health programs as needed.