Trojan Tradition

Osborne Street School

The Osborne Street School was built in 1894 on Akers Street. At the conclusion of the 1966-1967 school year, students who attended Osborne School were relocated to Meadowvale School. The building was closed in 1967 and sold to Jon Chiodo. On March 18, 1979, the building was demolished to make way for a high-rise apartment complex for the elderly.
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Horner Street School

The Horner Street School was built near Horner and Poplar Streets in 1919. The building was closed on November 22, 1967, and sold to Leitenberger's Cars for $10,000.00.
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Park Avenue School

The Park Avenue School was built in 1891 on Park and Forest Avenues at a cost of $22,323.00. It was an eight room school, with six teachers. In 1909, after Moxham began to become larger, the board rented a room in the Church of the Brethren located on the corner of Grove Avenue and Bond Street to accomodate more students. In 1915, the board of directors added more classrooms though a comprehensive school-building program. In 1917, three rooms on the first floor of the Park Avenue School were divided by partitions to make six classrooms. Until 1901, Park Avenue School was the only building that contained all elementary grades. The building was closed on February 3, 1991, and demolished. It is currently a playground.
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Coopersdale School

The Coopersdale school was built in 1890 on Boyer Street in the Coopersdale Borough. In 1922, a new school building was built on the same site. Coopersdale was closed on June 4, 1983. The school district and the housing authority used the building for storage before it was demolished in August 1997. It is currently a playground.
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