Trojan Tradition

Benshoff School

The Benshoff School was opened in 1872 on Benshoff Street, previously named High Street, in Millville Borough, in the Minersville section of Johnstown. In 1890, Millville became part of the city of Johnstown. The board of directors closed the school at the end of 1933-1934, and sold the building to the City of Johnstown in 1948. The site became a playground.
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Adams Street School

The Adams Street School was built in 1875 at a cost of $17,500.00. It was utilized as a High School until 1881, when it was converted to an elementary school. In the early 1920's it was converted into a Continuation School. It closed in 1934, and the building was sold to Swank Hardware Company on June 14, 1946 at a price of $33,900.00.
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All The Right Moves

Scenes from the movie "All The Right Moves" were filmed at the former Johnstown High School on Somerset Street, including the pep rally scene at "Ampipe High School" and scenes in the locker room of "Walnut Heights". The old football field at Johnstown High School on Central Avenue, which currently is used as the baseball field, was used to film practice football games for the movie.
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Johnstown's First High School

In 1868, this building was created, in which one of the rooms were used as Johnstown's first High School. A. C. Johnson was the first principal. He later became a minister, and following in his father's footsteps, his son Harry served as principal of the Somerset street school. There were 35 pupils in the first High School, four of which were girls.
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Sheridan School

The Sheridan School was located in the vacinity of Sheridan Street in Johnstown's Oakhurst section. It was built around 1900, and served as an overflow for the overcrowded schools of the Johnstown School District.

The photo is from the "Johnstown Tribune", dated November 2, 1925. It is unclear when this school closed, but it probably wasn't too long the photo was taken. More than likely, this and the "Old Chandler" one room school house were closed and the students consolidated into the newer Chandler Elementary School on Garfield Street.
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