Trojan Tradition

Joseph Johns Jr High School History

On November 3, 1800, Jos. Johns dedicated a piece of ground at the corner of Market Street "for the purpose of erecting school houses and houses of public worship, free and clear of all incumbrances whatsoever". In 1811, a one story log school house, called "Old Blacky" was built. In 1835, "The Little Brick" was built on the southwest corner, and in 1850, the "White Schoolhouse" was moved from the corner of Walnut and Conemaugh Streets, and placed between "Old Blacky" and "The Little Brick". In 1855, the two building were removed, and the "Union Schoolhouse" was erected at a cost of $4,458. A two room brick building was erected in 1883, but along with "Little Brick" was destroyed in the 1889 Flood. One week after the flood, The Union Schoolhouse was destroyed in a fire. In 1898, the High School building shown in the photo was build at a cost of $100,000. This building, along with additions built in 1914, housed the Joseph Johns Junior High School, which is now Market Street Commons.
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Original Chandler School

This is a photo of the original Chandler School. It was a one-room school house located on Strayer Street in Morrellville.

The photo was taken from microfilm of the "Johnstown Tribune" issue of October 19, 1925. The school was built in the mid 1880's for the Lower Yoder School system, and was assumed by Morrellville Borough when it consolidated in 1890, then again assumed by the City of Johnstown when Morrellville merged with the City in 1897.
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